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About Us

AnazaoHealth Corporation, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is a privately held specialty pharmacy focusing on patient specific preparations serving the nuclear medicine and pain management markets, as well as providing drugs used in clinical trials.

We began with a concern for the health problems that many women experience in connection with menopause. Our insight was that hormone replacement therapy could be greatly improved by adjusting dosage to cyclical hormonal changes.

In the next year, we acquired Custom Care Pharmacy, adopting their name and adding expertise in pain management. A nuclear pharmacy was added in 1999. Four years later, Custom Care moved into an advanced facility with a state-of-the-art clean room and nuclear medicine facilities.

In a few short years, AnazaoHealth has become a group of gifted professionals who have come together with a unique mission:

"To create and provide the most powerful innovations in healing for our patients."

AnazaoHealth Corporation is organized around three Product and Service divisions:

Nuclear Medicine Division

  • Radiation Oncology Solutions
  • Diagnostic Imaging Solutions
  • Cardiology Solutions
  • Pediatric Solutions
  • Nephrology Solutions
  • Endocrinology Solutions
  • Gastrology Solutions
  • Homeland Security Solutions

Pain Management Division

  • Intrathecal Solutions
  • Cartridge Solutions
  • Transdermal Pluronic Soltutions
  • Spasticity Solutions 

Custom Pharmacy Division

  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis Solutions
  • Transdermal Pluronic Preparations
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Solutions
  • Erectile Dysfunction Solutions
  • Respiratory Solutions
  • Custom Cosmetic Solutions
  • Hemorrhoid/Anal Fissure Solutions

Please contact AnazaoHealth for information about these products.

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