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Quality Statement

AnazaoHealth Corporation, a specialty pharmacy, has been in the compounding pharmacy business for over eighteen years, focusing on patient-specific preparations serving the nuclear medicine, pain management and custom pharmacy markets, as well as providing drugs used in clinical trials.

AnazaoHealth is a pharmacy appropriately licensed in all fifty states and governed by the Boards of Pharmacy of those states. As such, AnazaoHealth compounds patient-specific preparations pursuant to a physician’s order. Where permitted by state pharmacy rules, AnazaoHealth prepares a limited amount of preparations for administration by physicians in physician’s offices in situations where commercial products are unavailable.

Patient safety is and has always been the Company’s primary concern.

AnazaoHealth has a quality oversight program that we believe is a compounding pharmacy industry leader. Pharmacists serve as Corporate Quality Director, Corporate Quality Manager, and as divisional Clinical Quality Managers. This oversight program allows the company to meet and / or exceed all USP <797> sterile compounding and USP <795> non-sterile compounding standards. In addition to the USP compounding standards, AnazaoHealth performs both internal and external audits to validate its quality assurance processes. The company’s sterile compounding process involves no fewer than four different validation checks prior to completion of an order and makes extensive use of bar code technology, lessening chance of human error.

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