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[08/08/2007]  AnazaoHealth Introduces the Zao™ Nutritional Supplement Line

AnazaoHealth® continues to Create, Heal and Live™ through their introduction of their Zao™ Nutritional Supplement Line

Tampa, FL—August 8, 2007— AnazaoHealth announced today that it has expanded its Custom Pharmacy Division product offerings, by introducing Zao™ Nutritional Supplement Line, a new line of high quality over-the-counter (OTC) nutritional products. The new Zao Nutritional Supplements are produced according to Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) standards and FDA regulations. With continuous analysis and random testing, AnazaoHealth guarantees its supplement products for purity, potency and adherence to label claim. “We wanted to bring a line of OTC supplements to the market that would offer our customers a high-quality alternative to today’s mainstream nutritional supplements” said Samantha Platt, Director, Sales & Marketing. “This is just the beginning of our product offering. Over the next few months, we will continue to introduce new supplements to round out our extensive range of supplemental products that are condition, age and gender specific” Platt added.

AnazaoHealth has been meeting customer needs in Age Management, Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Wellness through their Las Vegas location since 1997. The Zao Nutritional Supplement Line marks the first release of new product lines under the new Zao brand.

“We are dedicated to creating and providing the most powerful innovations in healing for our patients.” said Jacob Beckel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AnazaoHealth. “With the addition of our high quality nutritional supplements, plans for future Zao product releases, coupled with our experience and expertise in compounding high quality patient specific preparations, we continue to live up to our tag line and our motto, Create, Heal, Live™” continued Beckel. Page Two – AnazaoHealth continues to create, heal and live™ through their introduction of their Zao™ Nutritional Supplement Line

Anazao™ (ANNA-ZAY-O) is the transliteration of an ancient Greek word that means, “to come to life again”. Staying true to our name and its meaning, we are pleased to announce the expansion of the AnazaoHealth brand, with the release of our new line of products, Zao™, meaning “to live; life.” Zao Nutritional Supplements are the first product line released under the Zao brand.

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AnazaoHealth, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, focuses on patient specific preparations serving the nuclear medicine, pain management and custom pharmacy markets, as well as providing drugs used in clinical trials. AnazaoHealth is organized around four prescription and service divisions: Nuclear Medicine, Brachytherapy, Custom Pharmacy, and Pain Management. AnazaoHealth, in its 46,000 square foot facility located in Tampa, with additional offices in Amarillo, TX, and Las Vegas, NV, specializes in compounding sterile preparations and is fully licensed to provide nuclear, radioactive materials and DEA controlled substances in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Visit the AnazaoHealth Web site at



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