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[04/06/2007]  AnazaoHealth Receives U.S. Patent Issue Notification for Stabilized and Lyophilized Radiopharmaceutical Agents

Tampa, Florida --(BUSINESS WIRE)—June 4, 2007— AnazaoHealth® Corporation announced today that it has applied for and, on June 12, 2007, a patent will be issued for a Stabilized and Lyophilized Radiopharmaceutical Agents. The invention being patented relates to the method of preparation and stabilization of a diagnostic or therapeutic radiopharmaceutical useful, in mammalian imaging and cancer detection, and resulting composition. In particular, the present invention is a novel method of preparation of radioactive diagnostic radiopharmaceutical in a stable, shippable, lyophilized form by an apparatus designed to rapidly flash freeze and dehydrate a radiopharmaceutical composition to minimize radiolysis. “AnazaoHealth has been meeting customer’s needs by stabilizing radiopharmaceutical preparations such as MIBG I-123 since August, 2003. We are dedicated to creating and providing the most powerful innovations in healing for our patients. With U.S. Patent No. 7229603, we are better able to serve our clients and their patients by providing faster, more efficient service,” said Jacob Beckel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AnazaoHealth.

“The novelty in the invention is centered on the rapid cooling and removal of ambient vapor and then ultra cold removal of ambient vapor when the potential of explosive liquid oxygen is eliminated. The radiopharmaceutical requires no further cold or refrigerated storage subsequent to stabilization, and can be delivered nationally overnight,” said Robert McKenzie, Senior Vice President, Brachytherapy and Nuclear Products. “A preparation of exceptional purity can be maintained as a result of the agent prepared using the patented technology,” continued Mr. McKenzie.

Subject to maintaining sufficient radiopharmaceutical activity, the product can be stored by the prescribing hospital or physician for several days, eliminating the requirement of immediate administration. The necessity and time of heating the radiopharmaceutical is eliminated, thereby reducing and essentially eliminating damage to the tagged ligand by hydroxyl radicals. The radioactive tag can be an alpha, beta, or gamma emitter, and is useful for a large array of radiopharmaceutical compositions, many of which are referenced in the patent. The preferred composition can be reconstituted "on site" by the addition of a suitable diluent to bring the radiopharmaceutical complex into solution at a desired concentration at the time of administration to the patient in need of a therapeutic or diagnostic radiopharmaceutical.

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