[03/10/2004]  Custom Care Pharmacy Announces Name Change and New Branding Program

Custom Care Pharmacy is now AnazaoHealth™ Corporation

 Custom Care Pharmacy Announces Name Change and New Branding Program Custom Care Pharmacy is now ANAZAOHEALTH™ CORPORATION


(ATLANTA, GA., OCTOBER 3, 2004) -- Custom Care Pharmacy, based in Tampa, Florida, announced today that the organization is changing its name to AnazaoHealth™ Corporation. The name change is part of a branding initiative that Chairman and CEO Jacob Beckel says will help raise awareness of AnazaoHealth’s reputation for unrivaled innovation, technical leadership and quality. The announcement was made at the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) 46th annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Custom Care Pharmacy’s strength has always been innovation and re-branding under the AnazaoHealth name represents the substance and purpose of our business to our customers, associates and the markets in which we serve,” Beckel said.

The new name, AnazaoHealth Corporation, was chosen because of the special meaning of the word “anazao.” The word origin is Greek (ANNA-ZAY-O) and it means to recover life; to come to life again; be alive again; live again; revive.

“We are dedicated to create and provide the most powerful innovations in healing for our patients. By achieving this mission we will improve the quality of life for our patients. So we chose a name that expresses this vision for the company,” said Beckel.

Two examples of AnazaoHealth’s powerful innovations in healing include developing a system to validate, calibrate, load and gamma sterilize the components of the seed holding medical device for Brachytherapy (the process of using radioactive seeds for the treatment of prostate cancer.) These prescription-loaded needles are prepared by AnazaoHealth pharmacists according to a doctor’s prescription and then shipped to the medical provider for administration.

In another example of innovation, AnazaoHealth was the first company to provide radiolabeled compounds (such as I-123 MIBG) in a lyophilized form, which improves stability and purity and extends the shelf life of these diagnostic compounds up to a full week. AnazaoHealth has patents pending on this unique rapid freeze-drying process. The end result is a radiolabeled compound that doesn't degrade within the usual 10-12 hours.

AnazaoHealth can distribute product as a lyophilized preparation on Tuesday to arrive Wednesday, and it can be used for the patient’s diagnostic testing any time within a few days. This greatly improves patient service so that a patient who is prepped and ready for a procedure will not have to reschedule the test due to a compound that has degraded and no longer passes quality control.

The company’s new name is being announced along with a new graphic identity and a new tag line consisting of three words: “Create, Heal, Live.”

“The multi-part logo of blue, green, teal and gray is accentuated by a compass with eight parts, each of which represents one of AnazaoHealth’s company values. The center of the compass represents the company’s core value, which is innovation. The seven surrounding compass points represent other company values, which are, integrity, trust, responsibility, relationships, citizenship, leadership, and ministry,” said Samantha Platt, AnazaoHealth’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “Like a compass, the values guide the company and it is our intention that our new branding program will remind our audiences that healthcare is about people and life.”

Beckel also hopes that the identity program will help customers easily find the products they need.

“We’ve created a set of ‘signposts’ that aligns our products and services with our customers’ needs. Since we’re involved in diverse health care areas ranging from our nuclear pharmacy to Brachytherapy and pain management to custom pharmacy, it’s important to organize information logically making it easier and more convenient for our customers to use and understand. This has all been integrated with the identity and brand development program,” remarked Beckel.

AnazaoHealth Corporation, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is a privately held specialty pharmacy focusing on high margin preparation serving the nuclear medicine and pain management markets, as well as providing drugs used in clinical trials. AnazaoHealth is licensed to practice pharmacy in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and provides high quality prescription medications to doctors, pain clinics and hospitals. AnazaoHealth includes a Nuclear Medicine Division, Brachytherapy Division, Pain Management Division and a Custom Pharmacy Division.