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Information for Physicians

You can trust the pharmacists at AnazaoHealth, Brachytherapy Division, to be your one-call source for patient-specific Prescription-Loaded needles and Strands. After all, we are the first and only pharmacy in the U.S. to achieve the international quality standard for medical device manufacturers, ISO-13485. This prestigious certification is your assurance that we stand alone in meeting the highest standards of operational procedures and quality control systems.

Our full-service nuclear pharmacy staff has been involved with Brachytherapy since 1995 when it developed the very first prescription Pre-Loaded Needle Service. Our expertise in seed handling and dispensing will provide you with exceptionally high quality products and services, while delivering your order with accuracy, timeliness and care.

Prescription-Loaded Needles or Custom Strands

  • Pack 15 needles per pack
  • Strands or loose load
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Plastic tray and lid changes color as an indication of irradiation
  • Every Prescription-Loaded Needle order comes with 100% seed NIST traceable assay

It’s all about TRUST

  • AnazaoHealth is the first and only pharmacy in the United States to accomplish the international quality standard for medical device manufacturers, ISO-13485.
  • We will independently verify seeds with 100% NIST traceable assays, sterilize seeds by irradiation, and load seeds in a variety of devices.
  • The Pharmacy Advantage - You can trust our pharmacists to carefully supervise your order to be sure it’s done the way you need it and to provide you advice if you have questions or concerns about the dose or safety of the procedure.
  • AnazaoHealth is a licensed nuclear pharmacy authorized to provide service in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
  • Our processes and procedures meet or exceed all pharmacy standards and other nuclear regulatory requirements.
  • We choose to sterilize our Prescription-Loaded Needles with gamma irradiation over ETO because of concerns regarding ETO resistant organisms, such as P.Domesticum, as well as the inherent dangers of Ethylene Oxide residuals on implantable medical devices.
  • We enjoy strong partnerships with large and small seed suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Most products can be delivered nationally on an overnight basis. Contact us today …or contact your seed supplier and ask them about having your prescription filled by AnazaoHealth — experience our pharmacy advantage.


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