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100% NIST Traceable Assay

Why settle for anything less than 100% NIST traceable assay for your Prescription-Loaded Needles and Strands?

At AnazaoHealth, Brachytherapy Division, we believe that your patients deserve the best. That’s why we make 100% assay standard on all of our Prescription-Loaded Needles and Strands.

Every seed in our Prescription-Loaded Needles and Strands is assayed so you can feel confident in our service.

We’ll provide to you an AnazaoHealth 100% Assay Certificate, which shows assay values listed in ascending order, in an easy-to-read format. Values are also shown in a graphical form in the random order in which they occurred, so you’ll see the assay reading of every seed.

We’ve color-coded our assay certificate for ease-of-use, and provide an assay summary and comparisons chart that gives implant day assay values, variance to manufacturer’s mean and comparison to manufacturer’s mean.

With AnazaoHealth, you can feel assured that your patient is getting a reliable, high quality prescription.

AnazaoHealth specializes in both I-125, Pd-103 and Cs-131 seeds for the medical community in MICK® Cartridges, Prescription-Loaded Needles and Eye Plaque. With our 100% assay standard, you receive an independent third party NIST traceable assay using Capintec Model CRC-127R Well-Type Ionization Chamber and electrometer system calibrated by the University of Wisconsin, Accredited Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory (ADCL). This calibration is accredited by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) and the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025-1999 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 standards.  

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