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AnazaoHealth Prescription-Loaded Needles & Custom Strands Service

Here’s how it works:

Most prescriptions can be delivered nationally on an overnight basis. Contact us today …or contact your seed supplier and ask them about having your prescription filled by AnazaoHealth — experience our pharmacy advantage.

First you pick a seed supplier, order your seeds and ask the supplier to coordinate the filling of your prescription through AnazaoHealth. Each and every seed is assayed (100% assay), then loaded according to your patient’s prescription order (treatment plan).

We'll provide to you an AnazaoHealth 100% Assay Certificate, which shows assay values listed in ascending order, in an easy-to-read format.  Values are shown in a graphical form in the random order in which they cocurred, so you'll see the assay reading of every seed.

Needles can be pre-loaded with loose seeds and spacers or seeds can be Custom Stranded.  Seed separation (spacers) can be customized to meet your exact planning requirements.  We specialize in meeting your unusual requests and particular needs and work with you when you need a rapid response.

An autoradiograph is taken to validate the seed placement. Then the seeds are sent, double-wrapped and shielded, to a Cobalt-60 irradiation facility with ISO-13485 certification. Using a sterilization process in the facility, the seeds are validated in accordance with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11737-1994.  After a rigorous Quality Assurance check, your prescription is air-shipped to you in a packaging system designed, tested and certified as DOT Type A 7A packaging.

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