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As we age, our bodies undergo an oxidation process contributed by free radicals which are obtained normally during metabolism or through environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides.

Chelation therapy is used as a treatment for acute mercury, iron, arsenic, lead, uranium, plutonium and other forms of toxic metal poisoning.  The chelating agent may be administered intravenously, intramuscularly or orally, depending on the agent and the type of poisoning.  Several chelating agents are available, having different affinities for different metals.

  • EDTA 
    The amino acid, EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid) can be administered by slow intravenous infusion, as well as by oral or suppository form for lead and other heavy metal poisoning.  EDTA's most important benefit seems to be that it greatly reduces the ongoing production of free radicals within the body by removing accumulations of metallic catalysts and toxins which accumulate at sites in the body as a person grows older and which speeds the aging process.
  • DMSA
    DMSA (meso-2,3 dimercaptosuccinic acid) is an oral form of chelation therapy which is a highly effective but gentle form of chelation.  DMSA binds with metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury.

AnazaoHealth provides chelating agents, EDTA (Disodium, Dihydrate, USP) DMPS and DMSA as well as numerous minerals and vitamins.  For other chelating agents, please contact your AnazaoHealth pharmacist at 1.800.995.4363. 

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