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Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Erectile Dysfunction and Other Sexual Concerns

Referred to as either intracorporeal injection or intracavernosal injection, in this therapy, drugs are injected into the corpora cavernosa, the erectile cylinders of the penis. Like many innovations, intracavernosal injection therapy - intracorporeal injection - was discovered by accident. A surgeon performing a bypass procedure was using Papaverine, a drug that dilates arteries by working on muscle cells in arterial walls, and accidentally injected it close to the patient’s penis. The result was a 2-hour, fully rigid erection.

Since the discovery of this procedure, clinical studies have shown that intracavernosal injection therapy - intracorporeal injection - is an effective treatment in up to 96% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Drugs commonly used with intracavernosal injection - intracorporeal injection for the treatment of erectile dysfunction include Papaverine, Phenotolamine and Prostaglandin E1. The combination of these drugs is commonly referred to as “triple mix”.
Intracavernosal injection or intracorporeal injection using triple mix is an effective treatment and viable alternative for patients with erectile dysfunction who are unable to take sildenafil.

AnazoHealth's Custom Pharmacy division offers a wide variety of Triple Mix formulations for intracavernosal injection therapies.

If you have questions about which Erectile Dysfunction Solution is right for you, or you would like to refill your Erectile Dysfunction prescription, please call your AnazaoHealth Pharmacist at 1-800-723-7455.

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