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Weight Management

Information for Physicians

More than one-third of U.S. adults are overweight or classified as obese. Weight Management has many beneficial results for obese or overweight people: lower chances for heart disease or stroke, lowers blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, improves osteoarthritis, lowers risk for type 2 diabetes.

AnazaoHealth provides patient specific preparations or injections focused on weight management.

  • Armour Thyroid
    Armour Thyroid is a natural preparation - not a synthetic compound that provides both of the key thyroid hormones T3 and T4.
  • Phentermine
    Phentermine, a contraction for "phenyl-tertiary-butylamine" is an appetite suppresant of the amphetamine and phenethylamine class.  It helps reduce weight in obese patients when used short-term and combined with exercise, diet and behavioral modification. It works by helping to release certain chemicals in the brain that control appetite.
  • T3/T4 Combination
    For many hypothyroid patients, supplementing with T4 alone does not contstitute adequate treatment and requires T3 to be included.
  • B12 Injections
    Cobalamin or Vitamin B12 helps to increase metabolism, gives a boost of energy and helps to fight stress and depression.
  • Methionine/Inositol/Choline (M.I.C. Injection)
    M.I.C. is a lipotropic combination containing the amino acid Methionine and two members of the Vitamin B family, Inositol and Choline. These substances combine to aid in fat utilization, breakdown and prevention of fat storage.
  • Pyridoxine (B6) Injection
    Vitamin B6 helps with weight loss through a stimulating effect on the thyroid and by reducing water retention. When calorie intake is low, Vitamin B6 helps convert stored carbohydrates to glucose to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Vitamin B6 is needed for more than 100 enzymes involved in protein metabolism. 

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