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Indium In-111 ProstaScint®

Information for Physicians

Diagnostic imaging for prostate cancer with In-111 ProstaScint® is easier with AnazaoHealth.

AnazaoHealth provides In-111 radiolabeled ProstaScint as a unit dose vial compounded for your patient.

Imaging with In-111 ProstaScint® serves as a noninvasive test to evaluate soft tissue outside the prostate area for metastatic disease. In-111 ProstaScint® provides information that complements PSA, Gleason score and clinical stage.

Scans using In-111 ProstaScint® provide information that can help identify which course of treatment is most appropriate for your patient. It can also help detect lesions not visible by CT or MRI scans.

Having the ability to see what is needed to heal your patient is imperative. In-111 ProstaScint® is clearly the better choice.

ProstaScint® is a registered trademark of EUSA Pharma (JSA), Inc.

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