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Pain Management

Information for Physicians

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As a healthcare professional, you want the highest quality preparations that will improve your patient’s quality of life. You need a pharmacy that has the ability and dedication to provide high quality preparations that will treat your patients. AnazaoHealth® Pain Management is the partner you need.

Quality can be Measured

At AnazaoHealth, compounding sterile preparations is our specialty. We are appropriately licensed to provide pharmacy services in all 50 states. We offer a wide variety of preparations utilized by pain management physicians and clinics, physiatrists, neurologists, anesthesiologists and hospitals.

In January of 2004, USP Chapter <797> , Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile Preparations became the original enforceable requirement for the compounding of sterile preparations.  AnazaoHealth complies with the required standards set by USP Chapter <797> in an effort to provide the best protection for your patients.

Available Preparation

  • Pre-filled cassettes
  • Intrathecal pump refills
  • Transdermal pluronic gels
  • Specialized injectables
  • Local anesthetics
  • Oral pain relief formulas


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Assurance of our Processes and Services

Purity, potency and quality define our preparations. The key to compounding quality is in looking not only at the end preparation quality but also ensuring quality throughout all processes.

AnazaoHealth has stringent quality control standards at every step of our fulfillment process. We're so stringent, in fact, that four different pharmacists validate each preparation for proper procedure, exact documentation and accuracy.  Ongoing proactive evaluation is practiced using our proprietary barcode technology to eliminate most operator input error and to ensure easy traceability. Our Quality Assurance and Control standards ensure the sterility and the preparation's integrity, offering our clients the highest quality preparations.  We put our own actual performance to the test by an independent laboratory that checks our testing procedures and quality of processes.

Experienced & Certified Personnel

Our staff members are highly trained in aseptic techniques and are continually evaluated.  We hire only qualified and experienced personnel to ensure our compounded sterile preparations are mixed, measured and handled with the utmost care.  Continuous testing validates the methods used by our Pharmacists and Certified Pharmacy Technicians.

Our pharmacists and customer service specialists are available to assist you with any questions about our preparations, ordering and delivery. Bilingual pharmacists and customer service specialists are also available for your convenience.

Most preparations can be delivered nationally on an overnight basis. Contact us today to have your prescription filled by AnazaoHealth.


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