How to WRite a proper prescription form

The Following Information is Needed for a Prescription: 

  • Prescriber Info: First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, and Fax. NPI and DEA.

  • Patient Info: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Cell Phone Number/Email

  • Prescription Information: Drug, Dose, Dosage Form, Directions, Quantity, and Refills.

  • Cream Preparations: indicate the dose and we will calculate the concentration.

  • Prescriber Signature: Please include a prescriber signature for all controlled substances. Stamps and electronic signatures faxed in are not considered valid by the DEA.

Florida, New York, and Iowa now require electronic prescribing for all prescriptions.

how to send in a prescription


Call 800-995-4363 to speak with a customer service, pharmacy technician.


Fax our Toll-Free number 

800-985-4363 for submission. 

We will reach out to you if

additional information is needed


Our online portal gives you the change to write, track, and order for your patients.

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