According to the CDC, more than one-third of adults in the U.S. are obese and more are overweight. Maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits in that it would help maintain healthy levels of blood pressure, triglyceride, and cholesterol, thus lowering risks of osteoarthritis, heart attack, stroke, and type-2 diabetes

AnazaoHealth provides preparations from our 503B FDA-registered outsourcing facility and 503A patient-specific pharmacy

focused on weight management.

  • Albuterol / Ascorbic Acid / Yohimbine HCl Capsule*

  • Carbidopa / L-Theanine / Phentermine / Pindolol HCl Capsule*

  • Compounded T3/T4 Capsule*

  • Glutamine / Arginine / Carnitine (GAC) Injection* **

  • Glutamine / Ornithine / Arginine / Lysine (GOAL) Injection* **

  • L-Carnitine Injection

  • Lipoic Acid Injection

  • Metformin HCl / Resveratrol in Pentravan® Plus Topical Cream (GlucoFirm™) TopiCLICK®*

  • Metformin HCl / Resveratrol / Vitamin D3 in Pentravan® Plus Topical Cream (GlucoFirm™ +D3) TopiCLICK®*

  • M.I.C. Injection (Methionine / Inositol / Choline) 

  • M.I.C. + Vitamin B12 Injection (Methionine / Inositol / Choline / Cyanocobalamin Injection)

  • Vitamin B12 Injection (Methylcobalamin)

  • Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B1 Injection (Pyridoxine / Thiamine Injection)

  • Phosphatidylcholine / Sodium Deoxycholate (PC / DC)*

  • T3 SR Capsule (Liothyronine Sodium)*

*Patient-specific prescriptions required in order to dispense. A physician must determine a compounded preparation
prescribed is appropriate for a patient and document accordingly in the patient’s medical record.

**Not available in CA.

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